The Girls Of Grammy's!

Feb 01st, 2010

On my best dressed list is Keri Hilson who looked absolutely flawless. Many will probably disagree of my Lady Gaga likeness simply for the fact that home girl is crazy and no other human being (aside from Bjork) on the planet would wear that crap, but I actually think it worked. Nicole Kidman has had waaaaay too much plastic surgery done. Trying out for Cat Fish the movie, eh? I thought Fergie actually looked pretty decent. Rihanna looked like she was wearing a bird on the edge of flight. Katy Perry needs to stop trying because she sucks. Carrie Underwood is my home girl, but the soccer mom hairstyle did not work. Miley Cyrus looked like a washed up hooker. Taylor Swift looked like she was wearing a Sweet Sixteen gown with all of that sparkle. Ciara should have went home, not on the carpet. Beyonce isn't a plastic nor made of stone (at least I don't think so) but she sure can pose like she is. What the hell is up with that? And I can't think anymore. Check out all of the pics after the jump!

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