Nightly Treat: Kristen Bell

Dec 22nd, 2010

Jennifer Love Hewitt's Rockin Bod' In Tight Dress

Mar 03rd, 2010

For all of you Jennifer Love Hewitt hates out there (myself included), you have to give it to the girl when she looks good. You also can't use the whole fat thing anymore because as you can see, Jennifer's Body (woohoo Meggers Fox) is pretty much bangin'...

Kristen Bell Says 'Yes' To Dax Shepard

Feb 03rd, 2010

Kristen Bell's gown wasn't the only thing garnering attention on the Grammy red carpet Sunday night. Looks like she had quite a rock blingin' off her left ring finger, too. The funny actress has said yes to long-time boyfriend, Dax Shepard...

The Girls Of Grammy's!

Feb 01st, 2010

On my best dressed list is Keri Hilson who looked absolutely flawless. Many will probably disagree of my Lady Gaga likeness simply for the fact that home girl is crazy and no other human being (aside from Bjork) on the planet would wear that crap, but I actually think it worked. Nicole Kidman has had waaaaay too much plastic surgery done...

Kristen Bell's BaDunkADunk Ate Some Of Her Dress

Jan 28th, 2010

If you ask me, it sure looks like it. While Kristen Bell does have the petite frame to pull this ridiculous ensemble off, this isn't a respected awards show, sweets. It's the premiere for your more than likely garbage fest rom com When In Rome. I mean your love interest is a guy who beats off on strippers rather than his Fuggie...

Josh Duhamel Flirts with Kristen Bell, Fergie Gets Jealous

Mar 19th, 2009

Josh Duhamel flirting with Kristen Bell on the set of their new movie When In Rome. Little does Duhamel know, what happens in Rome, doesn't necessarily stay in Rome, like it does where he from, Vegas. His wife, Fergie, might be a little jealous and with good reason. She knows for a fact Duhamel is drawn to girls with great bodies, but rough around the edges face...

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